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The BRAUMS advanced design features the World Leading SWARCO Futurled3R Optical System.

With more than 3,500,000 Futurled3 units sold worldwide, Australia and New Zealand are now also benefiting from the advanced engineering in signalling technology from SWARCO FUTURIT


Key Features and Benefits

  • Lanterns are available in both 200mm and 300mm BRAUMS Lanterns utilise the FuturLEDR3 Optical System from SWARCO FUTURIT
  • Central light source with uniform signal display without visible LED dots
  • Full range of Optical displays including Vehicle Roundels, Vehicle Symbolics and Pedestrian including pedestrian countdown timer displays.
  • Proven Technology with >3,500,000 units installed world wide
  • All products traceable by serial number
  • Advanced thermal design ensuring optimum heat dissipation and minimum degradation
  • IP65 Rated
  • AS2144 Compliant
  • Housings are available in either Injection Moulded UV Stabilised Polycarbonate or
  • Pressure Diecast Aluminium.
  • Housings are rated to IP35 (Optical system is IP65)
  • BRAUMS Slimline housings, both Polycarbonate and Aluminium are made from mouldings and not fabricated, ensuring a consistently manufactured product of the highest quality.
  • Housings are single aspect allowing modular assembly and flexible configuration.
  • Dual Hinged Doors for left or right opening. Easy single Handed Operation.
  • Discreet locking device included for hinges if required.
  • Both 200mm and 300mm range accommodate all AS/NZS 2144 compliant Signalling Hardware accessories.
  • Lanterns available in 240vac, 110vac, 24vdc & 12vdc


Associated Hardware
A complete range of associated hardware conforming to all relevant Australian Standards is also available including:

  • Target Boards & Visors
  • Audio Tactile Units & Pedestrian Push Buttons
  • Upper & Lower Mounting Brackets
  • Upper Mounting Assemblies, Mast Arm Junction Boxes & Terminal Slides


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